Welcome to Birdsong Karjat!

This rustic and luxurious 4bhk villa is spread over 6 acres of lush green spaces!

 Aside from many cool interior features like a spacious room with hot tub inside, there is also a space where one can sit and listen to the sounds of fresh water skimming river rocks while the birds chirp right over you!


Choosing a vacation spot is definitely a tall order for most people…but who would want to leave this place?


  • Stunning view from all 4 rooms 

  • 10 steps to the river

  • Bath tub, pool and hot tub

  • WiFi, Outdoor movie, party deck, game station & more

  • Daily songbird wake up call

  • Party Deck, Outdoor Patio Dining

  • Barbecue, Sheesha, Bonfire by the river

  • Trampoline, Pool Table ,Ping Pong, Poker Table

  • Children’s Play Area

  • Chef service, 24 Hour Care Taker

  • Outdoor river facing bar

THE River

The river flowing within the property is what makes this a one-of-a-kind destination. Barbecue, Bonfire by the river, Brunch Setup, Canopy Setup are few of the activities that can be done along the river. Apart from this the river flowing in front of the  mountains makes this a spectacular and picturesque photo back drop for all your special occasions. 

IND04075 2.JPG

Immense natural beauty and luxury at the same time.


At Birdsong, there are a variety of activities that include : swimming, outdoor barbecue, snooker, card table, outdoor movie, trampoline, kids play area, volleyball and cricket.


What’s more : An open bar facing the river? Oh yes! Sit back in the lap of nature and enjoy that view with our river facing bar and dance by the night at the deck. Sheesha setup available.


This is the perfect sweet escape for your family and friends to enjoy your next holiday!